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Aside from just learning to dance; Ballroom dancing has a variety of benefits for today’s youth.


From a Socialization perspective, dance is a great way to build social and communication skills.


Children will learn how to work as a team and develop a greater sense of trust, cooperation, respect and courtesy.


From an Educational perspective, dancing has proved to be one of the most effective ways of developing high cognitive ability.

Children learn discipline and focus.

Heighten creativity and help them develop an appreciation for the arts.


From a physical Health perspective, dancing has many benefits as well.


From maintaining a healthy weight, balance and coordination


Correcting poor posture, flexibility, range of motion, and increase of stamina.


With all these benefits it is little surprise that it may also improve one’s self esteem along the way. Children will feel more comfortable in their own skin and develop a more positive attitude as they progress and begin to explore and discover their own           self-expression.