Debby and her assistant teacher, Julia, have a very simple fun and educational process for our kids to have a physical and creative outlet. Ballroom dancing benefits the body in both the mental and athletic way. We have had coments from school teachers that have said her student that is in the Ballroom Club has been on better behavior and more respectful, another coach sent us a thank you card. Noting that the center for the football team has become quicker and more balanced.

 Please feel free to Donate to our Non-Profit foundation that helps fund the future of dance for our youth. 

Welcome to Ballroom of Tomorrow.

Handling over 300 kids in the Middle schools with the support of the Carolina DanceWorks studio of the Pines.... 


We are dedicated to the advancement of today's youth through the art of ballroom dancing. 


As Ms. Debby teaches at Moore county's middle schools she teaches the etiquette that goes along with partnership dancing. Creating an atmosphere that allows our youth to be around and associate with other youth respectfully in a fun dance environment.


Ending the school year with an intramural Team Match between all the schools in the program.

Supplying all the kids with team shirts and bringing in a show for the event. Hiring judges for the competition, and a trophy to the top dance team for the school year.



Ballroom of Tomorrow does all of this for free in the public schools!